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About OnlyHit

OnlyHit is a web radio that prides itself on playing trending hits-. Whether you’re looking to groove to the latest tracks or take a trip down memory lane with timeless classics, OnlyHit is the station to tune into. And for those who prefer to listen via a browser, the station is readily available on OnlyHit’s official website.

Multiple Flavors of the OnlyHit Discord Bot

Understanding that different listeners have varied musical tastes, OnlyHit has expanded its offering. You can now enjoy distinct music stations, each with its Discord Bot. Invite them to your server using the links below:

  • OnlyHit Main Station: Invite Link
  • OnlyHit Gold: Invite Link – For those who appreciate the golden hits.
  • OnlyHit Japan: Invite Link – Get the best of Japanese music.
  • OnlyHit K-Pop: Invite Link – Dive into the world of Korean pop.

Interact with the OnlyHit Bot: Command Guide

To make your experience smooth, the OnlyHit Discord Bot comes with a set of commands. Here’s a quick overview of some essential commands:

  1. /join – Commands the bot to join your voice channel and serenade you with music from OnlyHit LIVE!
  2. /setup <channel> – Designate a specific channel for the bot. (Admin permissions required)
  3. /stick – Keep the bot anchored to your current voice channel. (Admin permissions required)
  4. /unstick – Frees the bot from your current voice channel. (Admin permissions required)
  5. /help – A handy command that displays a list of all available commands.
  6. /info – Curious about the radio website? Use this.
  7. /botstats – Check out the statistics related to the bot usage.
  8. /invite – Quickly grab an invite link to usher the bot into your server.
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