Where to listen?


OnlyHit is available on almost all your favorite devices due to an amazing effort with every platform we’re available on.

Our main platforms:

– The website (you’re on it, just click play with the player above).

– The Discord Bot

– TuneIn (TuneIn is available on most of the smart speakers, Alexa and Google Home, just say “Play OnlyHitUS/OnlyHit Gold/OnlyHit Japan/OnlyHit K-Pop/Top Hits (on TuneIn)”)


Wherever you want, use our playlist files:



On any player:

OnlyHit: https://api.onlyhit.us/play

OnlyHit Gold: https://gold.onlyhit.us/play

OnlyHit Japan: https://j.onlyhit.us/play

OnlyHit K-Pop: https://kpop.onlyhit.us/play

Top Hits: https://api.onlyhit.us/tophits


Make sure to use those links and not the redirection.

Developer tools: https://api.onlyhit.us

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